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At Bin There Dump That we've made it our mission to be the best dumpster company in Wells servicing the residential market. Our compact delivery trucks and Residential Friendly Dumpsters make us a great choice for homeowners and contractors. If you have any type of household waste, landscaping material or construction debris, our bins are the ideal waste removal solution.

Flexible and Fair All-in Pricing

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We know how important pricing is when you're thinking about your waste removal options. Our service gives you better flexibility than you would have hiring a junk removal company and our price is always fair. We offer an all-in pricing structure that you'll be quoted right up front. Here's what you get for that all-in price:

• Live Dumpster Consultants

• Fast delivery and removal

• Benefit of Driveway Protection

• A dumpster rental on site for 7 days

• Sweeping up

• Disposal at the landfill

Benefit from Residential Friendly Dumpsters

Part of what being the best Residential Dumpster Rental company is about is staying out of your way. There's no getting around the fact that a bin is going to take up a fair amount of room in your driveway, but anything we can do to lessen disruptions to your life we'll do it.

That's why we've designed our dumpsters to fit in an area no bigger than your family's minivan. We can place it off to one side of your double wide driveway, leaving you plenty of room to park on the other side. You may have to make some minor adjustments to your routine, but you'll still be able to park in your driveway.

Friendly and Helpful Live Dumpster Consultants

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Being the best Residential Dumpster company in Wells Isn't just about what we can do for you — it's also about how we treat you. Providing you with useful and friendly advice is one of our biggest priorities. We're not just talking about our delivery and removal team either.

Each time you talk to us on the phone you'll be greeted by a Live Dumpster Consultant. They have tons of industry experience and they can help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing a dumpster rental size that's based on your project needs.

Looking for a Free Quote?

Our Dumpster Consultants are waiting to help you find an affordable solution to your waste disposal needs. Call us at 866-800-2073; we can't wait to help you with your home project!

Do You Have Any Budget Dumpster Rentals?

If you're on a tight budget for your project and you don't have a crazy amount of trash to get rid of, a 4-yard dumpster is a great option for you. You'd have to make two Dump runs in a pickup truck to match it and when you use a bin you never have to leave your driveway. You fill it and we'll remove it and dump it.

Is Renting a Dumpster Really My Best Option?

If you have more than a couple of extra items to get rid of then a dumpster is probably your best option — especially when you're working on a project that will take more than one day. With a dumpster sitting in your driveway for 7 days, you can work away at your own pace.

What types of things can I put in the Dumpster I've Rented?

You put most regular household waste and construction debris in your dumpster. These are thinks such as daily trash, lumber, vanities, toilets, roofing shingles, old tiles and furniture to name a few.

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Wells Local Guide

We think Wells’ nickname as the “friendliest town in Main” is well earned. The community welcomes visitors with open arms, making a great place to visit as well as being a great place to live. We might be known for our beaches, but there’s a whole lot more to us than just that.

Wells Beach

While Wells Beach isn’t the only beach in town it’s one of our favorites. You can’t beat the feel of that soft, wet sand beneath your feet. In the summer months, the water’s always fine for a swim as well.

The Antique Shops in Wells

Wells isn’t just known for one great antique shop — there are at least 25 different one’s to explore. No wonder they call us the antique capital of the world! If you’ve been searching for a unique old treasure, you may just find it in one of these amazing shops.

Wells Auto Museum

The Wells Auto Museum is a car lover's dream. There are more than 80 different classic cars on display and some cool old motorcycles as well. It’s easy to picture yourself cruising down a coastal road in one of these great old machines.

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