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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

A Better Dumpster Rental Experience in Cape Elizabeth

If you're looking for a better Residential Dumpster Rental experience in Cape Elizabeth, you'll find it at Bin There Dump That. We always put the needs of our customers first and work closely with them to make sure they have a bin when and where they need it.

We can even set your delivery up for a Saturday if that fits your needs best. That way you don't have to scramble to finish work early on a weekday if you want to be on site when your Dumpster Rental arrives.

Driveway Protection for Contractors and Homeowners

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If you're a contractor working on renovations to a home you'll want to do everything you can to make sure you don't cause any damage to your clients property while you work. After all, they hired you to make improvements to their home. At Bin There Dump That we always do our best to make you look good.

When you rent your dumpster from us to remove all the old construction waste you can feel good knowing that we'll do everything we can to make sure the bin doesn't damage your clients driveway. We use our Driveway Protection System with every container we deliver. It's a set of wooden boards that sits underneath the dumpster so it never makes contact with the ground. This reduces the risk of scratches and scrapes.

Our Team Sweep Before Removal

Bin There Dump That Truck and Dumpster at Home Dep

When you rent a dumpster you're getting an easy and convenient solution for removing any trash, yard waste, construction debris and clutter from your home. You never have to worry about Dump runs or coordinating your work with a junk removal company.

That doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing. As you work away some small items may end up around the bin. We'll Sweep all that up for you. Here are some common items we look for so you don't have to worry about them:

• Small pieces of drywall

• Splintered bits of wood

• Old rusty nails

• All other debris we can find

Fast Delivery Within 24 Hours

There are plenty of reasons you might need a dumpster in a hurry. Perhaps there's been some flooding in your basement or some minor fire damage in the kitchen.

Whatever your reasons, we can have a dumpster at your home fast when you need it. We keep a large inventory of each of our available sizes so that we can deliver the one you choose to you within 24 hours. In emergencies we'll do our best to make the same day happen as well.

Looking for a Free Quote?

Our Dumpster Consultants are waiting to help you find an affordable solution to your waste disposal needs. Call us at 866-800-2073; we can't wait to help you with your home project!

Can My Old Portable Air Conditioner Go in the Dumpster Rental?

Portable air conditioners are one of those items that shouldn't go in the dumpster rental for your basement cleanout or any other project. They have to be disposed of safely due to the potential for environmental harm. If you're not sure what to do with it, ask when you call and we'll help you find the right solution.

Do You Rent Any Large Dumpster Rentals?

The largest dumpster we rent is a 20-yard bin and it can hold a lot of waste material. We find it usually provides more than enough space for any kind of residential project.

What's the Best Dumpster to Rent if I'm Removing an Old Carpet?

Before deciding on the right size bin for carpet you need to figure out how much carpet you have to throw out. If it's just one or two rooms a 6 or a 10-yard container will do just fine. If you're replacing all of the carpet in your home you'll need a 15 or 20-yard dumpster rental.

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Cape Elizabeth Local Guide

There’s something about living close to the sea that helps to bring a community together and that certainly applies to Cape Elizabeth. It’s an idealistic place to raise a family with historic sites to explore, beautiful views of the ocean and amazing natural adventures waiting around every corner.

Fort Williams Park

There aren’t many places where you can explore your love of history, admire beautiful coastal views and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. Fort Williams Park is one of them. You can explore several historical sites, picnic by the ocean and enjoy the sunshine.

Portland Head Lighthouse

Maine is known for its picturesque lighthouses, but few can match the Portland Head Lighthouse. This beautiful old structure is the oldest in the state, dating all the way back to 1791. It’s no wonder there are probably more pictures taken of this lighthouse than any other in the Continental United States.

Great Pond Trail

For exercise and fresh air the Great Pond Trail has few rivals. It runs the 40 acres around the pond where you’ll probably see a few boats out on the water as you walk. In the winter it’s a popular spot as well with more than a few ice skaters.

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