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Bin There Dump That is your local Residential Friendly dumpster rental service. We have various sized dumpsters that will accommodate the waste disposal of all your home projects. Our Dumpster Consultants are available now to help you find a solution to your dumpster need. Pricing & Sizing

Reliable Dumpster Rentals for Home Improvements in Old Orchard Beach

Home Improvement projects can be a challenge, but they do go a lot better when you're prepared with the right equipment. For easy trash removal a dumpster on site is the best solution. At Bin There Dump That we're always ready to help. We can have a dumpster delivered to your home within 24 hours of your first call to our office. We can even help you with same day and Saturday deliveries in many cases.

A Wide Range of Dumpster Sizes Available

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It would be great if every job was predictable and it easy to estimate all of your needs in advance. That's not always possible though and that's why it's nice to know someone's got your back. Our Live Dumpster Consultants are always ready to help and we have a range of different dumpster sizes available. Here's a quick overview of our Dumpster lineup:

• 4-yard best for landscaping

• 6-yard good for landscaping & small renos

• 10-yard a good choice for roofing work

• 15-yard can be used for a variety of jobs including garage cleanouts

• 20-yard the best option for all your large jobs

Standard Driveway Protection Provided

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Your driveway may have a hard surface, but that doesn't make it invulnerable to damage. A heavy object such as a dumpster can easily leave some marks if precautions aren't followed. Many rental companies will expect you to take these steps yourself, but at Bin There Dump That it's all covered I'm our standard service.

When our Dumpster Delivery Expert arrives on site with your rented dumpster they won't come empty handed. For each delivery they bring our Driveway Protection System with them. It's a set of wooden boards that they'll put underneath the bin so that it never makes contact with your asphalt or concrete. This effectively prevents scratches and scrapes.

Before We Remove We Sweep

Renting a dumpster for your decluttering or spring cleaning projects is a great idea. It leaves you in control of your trash removal process and you can work away at your own pace. No matter how careful you are though as you go, there will probably be some small bits of trash around the outside perimeter of the bin by the time you're finished with it.

We'll take a look for that when we arrive to remove your loaded container. Any leftover material we do find will be swept up and deposited inside the dumpster. We won't leave any sharp stuff behind that someone might step on.

Looking for a Free Quote?

Our Dumpster Consultants are waiting to help you find an affordable solution to your waste disposal needs; we can't wait to help you with your home project!

How are Roll-off Dumpsters Delivered?

At Bin There Dump That we use converted Ford pickup trucks designed to fit in tight residential spaces. Once they're in position to Unload they use a hook lift to raise the bin off the truck and lower it onto your driveway.

We're Looking to Declutter Our Home and Downsize — What's the Best Size Bin for That?

Renting a dumpster to declutter your home is a great idea. For these types of projects we would usually recommend a 10 or a 15-yard dumpster. If you have a large home and a lot of junk, you might even be better off with 20-yard.

Can I Throw My Old Propane Tanks I'm My Rented Dumpster?

There are some things that shouldn't go in a rented dumpster and unfortunately those old propane tanks are included in the mo go list. They contain flammable material and require extra care when it's time to get rid of them. If you need help finding the best place to take them, we can point you in the right direction.

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Old Orchard Beach Local Guide

Old Orchard Beach is one of Maine’s greatest destinations. From amusement parks to beautiful beaches it’s not hard to see why. We’re proud to be a big part of this community and we’re happy to do our part to spread the word. Here are some of our favorite things in Old Orchard Beach.

Old Orchard Beach Pier

If there’s one destination that Old Orchard Beach is known for it has to be the pier. It’s right at the center of Orchard Beach and it stretches out for 500 feet into the ocean. There are great restaurants, entertainment spots, gift shops and many other great places to visit on the pier.

Palace Playland

There’s only one spot in New England with a beachfront amusement park and it’s right here in Old Orchard Beach. The Palace Playground features rides for both kids and adults including the Galaxi Coaster and the world famous Sun Wheel Ferris Wheel.

Lobster Boat Tours

For something a little bit different, we highly recommend a lobster boat tour. It’s a chance to see what life is really like for lobster fishermen and enjoy the fresh, clean sea air at the same time. Not to mention the calming gentle rocking of the ocean waves.

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